Everyone knows that when you are buying or selling a home, its overall "Curb Appeal" is what the new buyer or seller is looking for.

First impressions are everything!

If you own a home in California, everyone has the same old concrete driveway, its what the contractor could "Get Away" with when they built your home, and that's a shame because with a little imagination, anything is possible.

Your concrete is grey, dull and more than likely cracked or stained due to your cars parked in it, we all know what we are talking about.

Well, you no longer have to let that old "Curb Appeal" get in the way of having that spectacular look that every homeowner in California deserves.  

We tool photos from "Start to Finish" and it only took seven days to complete ... The homeowners were completely speechless with the results.


No one likes the demolition part of construction, this part is "Always Messy", things get torn, cut out and at this point, there is no vision of what is to come. 


Nothing spectacular yet, it still looks like regular concrete with no "Curb Appeal", we then added custom walkway lighting to the front steps, not only is it not your typical lighting powered by solar that will eventually cease to work, but with "Custom Lighting" that will last forever, easy to maintain because its "LED Lighting" and it provides safety, a bit of security and some great "Curb Appeal" to their front yard when its completed.


We got carried away just a little, we added a stamped look to the rest of the "Old Concrete" and tied it into the rest of the job by color matching it to the pavers at the new mailbox.  Once the kids put their hand prints into the new drying concrete, the homeowners were completely blown away with the project results.  

Let Quality Home Improvement, Inc. help change your homes "Curb Appeal" by adding a little "TLC" to the front of your home today!