If you decide to install a patio cover to an outdoor space, it’s important to choose the best material type. It’s important to determine what quality of patio cover you will use in your patio. The materials should be strong enough to stand the elements for a longest possible time, but at the same time, they should be lightly weighted to keep you comfortable while sitting in your patio or even standing underneath it. There are three main patio cover materials, wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

1. Wood Patio

Wood is actually a beauty and its appeal is timeless and hard to match. It’s available in many colors, types, and textures that are perfect for styling your home. They always demand maintenance, and of course, this stunning appearance has a price. Wood normally needs constant sanding and repainting. To extend a life of wood patio covers can be a challenge as they are subject to warping, rotting, and peeling.

2. Vinyl Patio

However, vinyl has lower maintenance than wood. If you need a patio cover that will not require regular sanding or repainting, then you should go for vinyl. If it’s a high quality, it will be more durable than wood, as it is less likely to crack, peel, or rot. Its appearance has an issue, it is not the same beauty as wood, and some homeowners keep complaining that it looks inexpensive. It can also fade over time. Vinyl patio covers come in limited colors and unluckily cannot be painted to give your homes attractive appeals.

3. Aluminum Patio

Aluminum is much durable, has low maintenance and even low cost. It’s a material that is strong and light weighted. It can provide excellent protection from elements easily. You will never deal with rotting, cracking, or warping, when you have this type of patio cover material. It’s also the most affordable option available among the three of them. Its negative feature is that it keeps heat, as it is a very good conductor of heat. Patio covers made of aluminum panels may make you feel uncomfortable while standing beneath them. 

Which one is the best?

If you decide it's time to hire someone to build your patio, we recommend Alumawood patio covers, as they combines the best qualities of all the three material types. It is strong and light weighted as a normal aluminum panels, but they do not have a heat problem as aluminum panels. It is constructed to feel and look like natural wood and that does not need painting. Like vinyl, it is not subject to rotting, splitting, or warping, which means little work is involved in its maintenance.

At Quality Home Improvement, Inc, we like patio covers to be maintenance free, long lasting and weather resistant. That is why we specialize in Alumawood. These stylish and strong patio covers provide perfect shade and cooling under the hot sun. They can also be customized into a lot of designs and styles that give your home a comprehensive look.

So among the three popular patio covers, you can select whatever you wish based on requirements you need and the budget you have. 

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