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“Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Quality Home Improvement, Inc ™. I have been in the Home Improvement / Renewable Energy Industry since 1993 and take great pride in my company and the finished product we create.

As an owner-operator, I believe in perfection, which is why you will find me visiting your job site constantly to ensure each job is done to our company’s high standards.

As a general building contractor,  feel comfortable knowing, when you work with us, I have taken all measures to protect your investment and have hired only the best skilled craftsmen to assist on your project and that we will work diligently to meet your home’s needs and your expectations.”

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We are proud to be well diversified company that is here to serve you in English, Spanish and soon to be the Chinese language and we look forward to taking care of all your home improvement needs.

~ Christopher Moss / President


We believe in honest business practices, quality product and workmanship, convenient service, customer satisfaction and innovation; is not simply ideals we work towards; they are values that can be found in every opportunity, product or service we offer.

Since 1993 - Quality Home Improvement, inc   has been a leading Residential & Commercial renewable energy business solving the current energy crisis that many Californians are experiencing. Our simple mission is to make the process of going solar exciting and rewarding. Our team of industry professionals will work with you to find the best solar solution for you. We guarantee to save you money.

We work every day to uphold our core values. Honest business practices, quality product, convenient service, customer satisfaction, and innovation are not simply ideals we work towards; they are values that can be found in every opportunity, product, and service we offer.

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We believe that you deserve a great customer experience, this is why our employees are all industry professionals and well versed in the home improvement industry.

We have always made customer service a top priority, which is why Quality Home Improvement gets a majority of business from referrals. our success is built on customer satisfaction, which is why our staff is always working to cultivate positive relationships with our customers. every customer is important to Quality Home Improvement and we are dedicated to making every interaction with us something special.
Saving energy and modifying our lifestyles in ways that provide more consideration to the environment, along with lightening the impact on our monthly budgets, are at the forefront of our society’s consciousness.

Quality Home Improvement, Inc ™ understands exactly what this means to you as a home owner – especially during a time when extra money is not always available.

Therefore, we have identified and perfected everything you need to make your home a model of efficiency in order to begin enjoying a much more cost effective home budget, along with energy efficient systems.

We’ve earned the reputation as the number one resource for homeowners that are ready to find the perfect affordable way to help make an impact that is good for our nation, good for our world and great for your pocketbook.

Headquartered in Southern California (Pomona CA) with many years of experience, have what you need at everyday, affordable, installed turn-key low prices!

We are here to help!

Christopher Moss / President
Quality Home Improvement, Inc ™