PodCast Advertising Works

Most of your competitors have never heard of PodCast advertising and most will never because they are doing the same old thing, spending $1,000's of dollars each year in hopes that it will get someone traction.

Advertising your company as frequent as possible in various markets wins hands down.

Take advantage of this market and stop spending $1,000's of dollars each year on radio advertisements that only play once per segment, The Energy PodCast plays forever and will market your business twice per show and have a special link on out website so that we can help drive traffic to your business via the web.


Take advantage of the ENORMOUS benefits from podcast advertising on The Energy Hour.  Your listener statistics are ...

* 56% Are men.
* 44% Are women.
* 51% Have a 4 year degree.
* 21% Make 100k or higher.
* 41% Make 75k or higher.
* 52% Listen in the car.
* 40% Listen while walking.
* 32% Listen when working out.
* 41% on Instagram.
* 33% on Linkedin.

* 38% Are 18-34 years old.
^ 34% Are 34-54 years old.
* 64% Listen to Smart Phones.
* 35% Listen on the computer.
* 46% Listen while traveling.
* 37% Listen on public transp.
* Everyone uses Apps.
* 76% on Facebook.
* 36% on Twitter.
* 30% on Pinterest.

Podcast Listeners are SOCIAL!
Podcast Listeners are Loyal!
Podcast Listeners Talk / Re-Post!

Here's what you can expect - 

A marketing strategy like no other,  we will combine all of our marketing efforts / goals into one comprehensive plan.

"A good marketing strategy should be drawn from market research like we do and focus on your product mix in order to achieve the maximum exposure for your business".  

Letting The Energy Hour add additional advertising methods to your current business, our PodCast and in other areas of expertise that we already have in place for only pennies per day, will help super charge your chances of being seen and heard.  We do more than just PodCasting.

At the end of the day, you want to make your phone ring so you can capture more customers right? ... Doing nothing = Nothing in return.  Christopher Moss / Owner of several business / Online business to date.

At the end of the day, you want to make your phone ring so you can capture more customers right? ... Doing nothing = Nothing in return.

Christopher Moss / Owner of several business / Online business to date.


Engagement - 

Podcasters are by far the most loyal and engaged audience of a medium out there. According to AdAge.com, podcasts are able to engage listeners in a way that traditional media can’t. When Podcasters speak in a listener’s ear, it feels as if they’re being spoken to more directly. Audience members form relationships with the host and become more rapidly addicted to the content.

Podcast listeners are the doggies of the audience world. Loyal, supportive, always happy to see you and would save your life if you were drowning.

Mobility - 

Adding to the “addiction” factor is the ability to take a podcast ANYWHERE the listener goes. As a result, many listeners say that the podcast becomes a part of their daily routine, whether it be their commute, exercise regime, housecleaning or other ritual. Because it’s (mostly) audio, they can listen while doing other things – and then they consume more of the content.

Multi-Platform Exposure - 

Normally when a company buys advertising, it’s in ONE publication or on ONE channel – but a HUGE benefit of advertising on a podcast is that it’s hardly EVER the only place the company will have exposure. Most podcasts have websites, social media channels, email subscription lists, blogs, and many even host or attend in-person events, either to speak, learn or record episodes live or just to host meet-and-greets. As a result, there are many opportunities that advertisers wouldn’t have with other advertising options.

Selectivity - 

You’ll never hear about a person “just flipping” through podcasts. The shows that people download are carefully selected and curated by topic. The audience has made a conscious choice to listen to podcasts, and are much more invested in the topic, and by association, the products and services advertised.  

Buying Power - 

Podcast listeners are typically in the higher income brackets and have a higher education level demographic. In addition, because they’ve developed relationships with the host and the content, they’re more likely to make a purchase as a result of an advertisement they’ve heard through a podcast.

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