Artificial grass is a surface of artificial fibers installed to look like natural grass. As we all know the weather is not predictable despite the latest technology, if it’s raining in the present time, it does not mean that drought is over. However, we try to look ahead as far as we can, and no matter what nature has chosen for us, if you choose artificial grass, then you’ve chosen well. Anyways, if weather may change anytime, your artificial grass will not.

Whether the weather is hot, cold wet or dry, artificial grass remains firmly perfect. It’s always lush, green, always perfect height, safe and clean. It’s ready for action too and always eco-friendly.

Artificial grass is used is used in many sports areas that requires no trimming or irrigation, and in stadiums because of difficulty to expose natural grass to sunlight to stay healthy all time. It is used in sports like baseball, American and Canadian football, field hockey, rugby, tennis, and golf. 
rubber granules of artificial grass are often made from recycled waste tires, and those synthetic fibers can be washed into an environment, making them eco-friendly.

What if the weather is dry?

With artificial turf, you do not have to worry about watering your lawn, or if it rains, you do not have to worry about mowing when natural grass keeps growing. You will not even do stuff like weeding, fertilizing, and so on. You are conserving your efforts, water and energy, and also saving money.

Synthetic turf is perfect in dry weather, as it does not need watering like natural grass does. You won’t need those wasted gallons of water. All these lawn needs is an occasional rinse when it gets dirty or dusty. Artificial grass lawns can tolerate even desert conditions without withering or fading or too much changing.

It looks great all time, even when the sun beats down strongly. It’s a perfect choice for people who have no time, or interest to go for a high maintenance landscape. Best grasses for hot weather are Zoysia grass, Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass, Bahia grass, as there is no issue with sun and they can withstand hard weather conditions.

What if the weather is wet?

One of the most amazing facts about artificial grass is that it does not get slippery when the weather gets wet. Whereas natural grass turns very slippery and can be dangerous for pets and people too. However, fake grass is nice even when it’s damp outdoors. Between day and night, artificial grass is not affected by temperature and cannot be damaged by freezing temperatures overnight and then turning into a sunny day.
most drought tolerant grass includes Seashore paspalum, Kikuyu grass, and St. Augustine grass, tall and red fescues, Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and others. This artificial grass can last up to twenty years without maintenance, it won’t fade though. So whether it will rain or shine, you will do best by choosing artificial grass.

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