You may think that toilet is a constant standard and does not require too much thinking. However, there are many options when it comes to choosing a perfect toilet for your bathroom. In order to help you keep your nerves, we will detail things you should think about when you are thinking which toilet will be the right fit to your bathroom.

Rough-in measuring

First thing to know is your current rough-in measurements. This represents the distance from bathroom wall to toilet’s flange bolts middle. The standard one measures 12 inches, but there are models of 10 and 14 inches. Choose the toilet with same material which is already there is easier. It does not apply if there are plans for serious remodeling.

Toilet fit

It is impossible to find better options than elongated toilet bowls as they have the most comfortable design for most people. The choice is simplified enough, right? If there are some things that limit your options, like a small bathroom for example, it is good to choose round toilet bowl, which is about three inches. It saves space and has lower cost than elongated bowls. Even in a small bathroom, it is still necessary to fully open doors and drawers, so there is a difference in whether or not you can do it.

The standard height of the toilet is 15 inches, but it will be better for people with a high height to choose taller models and feel more comfortable. A 17-inch or 19-inch models are also suitable for those with problems in mobility with inferior back and knees. As main flaw, its need to be mentioned that they cannot be used for children and short adults.

One good solution is to try out the toilet bowl when you are doing shopping. You certainly feel a little ridiculous, but be careful about choosing what really want, as the feeling it can cause will be too 


If you decide to use two-piece toilet, where a tank is at the top of bowl, is not so stylish option. It is better to choose a piece of toilet that looks stylish and clean.

Wall mounted toilet is another good option abut but far more expensive than other models.

Bidet instead a toilet

If you like, European style, instead of standard toilet, it is possible to install a bidet. This is good for those with a mobility issues. 

Comfort features

All things in life are necessary to be comfortable, so why not the toilet? One of comfort options is a heated seat. Another great feature is soft-closing seat, which can ensure that a toilet seat is never left up. There are also other smart options like automatic flush, Bluetooth capabilities or self-deodorizer. Smart features allow being creative, so it is possible to personalize the toilet in so many ways. Nevertheless, always have on mind that these features are very expensive, especially it is replacing if necessary.

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