Making harmonious and stylish interior in your bathroom is not an easy task. The most common reason, which limits fantasy, is a small space of premises. Standard versions of apartments do not provide an opportunity to implement all conceived actions.

Today, a large number of owners who live in small apartments, combine toilet and bathroom in the same space. In such situation, the process of remodeling your bathroom is an excellent chance to increase useful space of premises. However, what are most common questions to professionals when you want to hire them for bathroom remodeling?

Do they offer a guarantee for their work?

For all works performed, the warranty is one year. They draw your attention to the fact that when you order a repair from their company, you receive a regular customer discount; amount of this discount is determined by a master when he arrive in your home.

How to order bathroom remodeling?

If you want to order bathroom remodeling, you can call professionals, or leave an online application, and they will call you back. Then, the master will come and estimate the cost of repair.

How does it all begin?

With visiting of specialist which inspects the site.

If you have a standard layout, and want to speed up miscalculation of your repair, it is better to call professionals immediately. All the sizes and what and how to be there, those masters know perfectly. In their office you will be shown various options for finishing, based on which, you make a final and measured decision.

Is there a contract for remodeling services?

First, you should agree on cost of works and materials, and the next stage is signing of contract to provide services for bathroom remodeling. Application is attached to contract in form of an estimate of work.

What kind of employees they work with?

They must work with workers who are time-tested, experienced professionals.

How many people work on it?

Everything depends on technology. As a rule, at each stage a certain specialist performs one part of work. A number of employees can vary from one to several people.

How long bathroom or toilet remodeled does it take?

Remodeling of a bathroom is divided into several types of work, i.e. more difficult work and larger volume of it require longer time. It very much depends on design; it is compiled in advance, whether material is purchased in advance, etc.

Does cost of work change during the remodeling process?

The cost of remodeling is fixed in estimate, which is attached to contract; it details all main works and materials for remodeling and all depends on details of technical assignment for remodeling room, as it is easier to calculate the estimate. Typically, the cost of work is usually unchanged, and if you want to, something can be added and changed.

Do they remove debris after all work is done?

Construction garbage is exported and carried, with elevator or without, from any floor. Loading and unloading works are considered separately.

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