Bathroom remodeling in a modern dwelling plays an important role and it is difficult to overestimate. After all, this is not just a room that performs its direct functional tasks for taking a shower, but also a whole set of factors that affect overall well-being of a person. Spending time in bathroom should bring emotional satisfaction, relaxation and pacification. You can saturate the energy of vivacity and enjoy happy moments. Therefore, it matters how your bathroom is built, how comfortable it is. So, everything should be beautiful, like on a picture. When making this or that decision on interior, you should measure your financial capabilities.

With what it is better to begin? What factors need to be considered? Study our tips on bathroom remodeling and decide how much money you will allocate for finishing, whether you will call professionals or you want to do it all by yourself.

Use standard project

With a limited budget for remodeling, it is not necessary to contact the designer. There are already prepared standard solutions for bathrooms. However, do not forget that for all types of reorganization and redevelopment - even minor - you need to get an official permit. Otherwise, you will face huge problems (for example, if you are going to sell or change an apartment).

Define your budget

In this case, everything depends on current state of your finances. It is advisable to allocate your maximum amount of money for remodeling. Why? Simply because it is a long-term investment, and the more quality materials and better workers you get for yourself, the longer your finishing will last. There are different options for a budget you have.

Calculate the amount of materials

They should always be bought "with a margin" (about 10%) - in case of marriage, special discounts, the need to cover a complex shape surface, etc. However, the amount should not be too large. Therefore, from the area of our walls you need to immediately subtract 2-3 square meters, which do not need cladding (they are occupied by a door, bath and mirror if it is mounted on wall). The floor area under the finish will also decrease, as for 1-2 square meters where will be placed a bath and/or shower.

Hire professionals

If there is even the slightest opportunity, use services of experienced workers. They can be hired both in a team or one by one. For example, if you want to save money and know how to make repairs in your bathroom with your own hands, then you may need only one specialist (tiler, painter, plumber or someone else). It all depends on what kind of work you can do yourself.

Do not forget to dismantle

Who will break the old tile and take out a rusty bath weighing? You can do it by yourself or professionals that has been hired. Think about this in advance and plan appropriate costs. By the way, services for dismantling of old sanitary ware are often provided to companies delivering new equipment. They can also order plumbing.

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