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LEVEL #1 - WORK AS AN INDEPENDENT SALES REP - Earn six digits working with us selling our products.
LEVEL #2 - OUR REFERRAL NETWORK - You get paid $500 for every referral you bring to us that turns into a sale.
LEVEL #3 - QHI PLATINUM DEALERS - You get paid a healthy percentage of any job that you bring to us that turns into a sale.
LEVEL #4 - DISTRESSED PROPERTY ACQUISITIONS - You partner up with us bringing in potential properties that are NOD "Notice of Default".


Quality Home Improvement, Inc ™ is a growing home improvement company in Southern California located in Pomona California. We are looking for experienced, driven Sales Representative to help our continued growth. We sell and install the "BEST" home improvement products the industry has to offer. and finance these improvements with the "BEST" financing possible.

This is a commission only position that will make you thousands of dollars every month selling our products as long as you can focus.

The ideal candidate is someone who currently works in the home improvement industry but realizes their pay is not equaling their value. They know how to approach a home, create interest, close a sale, and work with the homeowner from point of sale all the way to install. They are independent and self-motivated. They are diligent in the follow up on their own accounts. They are looking for a better work life balance.

The sales management for Quality Home Improvement, Inc ™ in Southern California have all either started or have worked with some of the largest home improvement companies in the past, the emphasis is on "Quality Products = high commissions", we are looking for producers who love to sell.

If you are not currently making $15k a month, its time to join a winning team. You decide what you make because we negotiate your commission on every job you sell.

If you think there is a chance that you could be making more money working with us, please fill out this form below and we will be in touch.

Job Type: Full-time, highest commissions in the home improvement industry.
Flexible hours: Make some serious money in your spare time working with us. 
Required education: High school or equivalent.
Required in-home sales experience: 2 years.
Required license or certification: HIS license.

Needed Skills:
* Self-Starter.
* Highly polished in appearance and communication.
* Customer service oriented.
* Experienced as a top performing sales professional.
* Web savvy, well-versed in Microsoft Programs (Excel, PowerPoint, Office, Word) Adobe, Google Sheets & Google Hangouts.
* Ability to use tablets, wireless printers, mobile hot-spots and other hardware.
* Industry experience is preferred.

Personal Attributes:
* Honesty.
* Motivated and goal oriented.
* Persistent, resourceful and a strong communicator.
* Takes initiative Well Organized Adaptable.
* Strong interpersonal skills.

If this is you ... Fill out the form below.


* 100% company supported & backed - Its our job to help you make money!
* No money out of pocket to startup.
* Guaranteed Payment once the project has been completed and funded.
* Make $500 of every lead that you bring to us that turns into a sale, we do all the work.

THIS PROGRAM IS RECOMMENDED FOR - Real Estate Agents, Insurance Brokers, Property Managers, House Flippers, CPA Accountants, Pool Service Companies, HOA Managers, anyone that has a desire to make lots of $$$ in their spare time giving us referrals. 

There are "No" registration fee's associated with this opportunity.


* CUSTOMIZED PRICE LIST - On all products we sell and install.
* PRODUCT TRAINING - With all of our current products and future products.
FINANCE TRAINING - With all of our current financing partners and future financing partners we add to our network.
* USE OUR CONTRACTS & CSLB LICENSE - We supply everything, contracts, training, pitch-books, financing and installation.
PRESENTATION BOOKS - We will create your custom in-home pitch book for your sales team - Co-branded with a QHI logo.
PRODUCT PROPS - We can offer you in home sales product props for your sales reps at a discount.
* WE HELP YOU GET YOUR HIS LICENSE - Once you are platinum dealer approved, we help you get your "Home Improvement License".

* BEST PRICING ON EVERYTHING WE INSTALL - Most of our dealers make anywhere from $5,000 to $13,000 per installed product that we sell and so can you, don't you think its time to become your own boss?

* NATIONAL SOLAR SALES ORGANIZATION WITH QHI - All platinum dealers get the opportunity to become a National solar sales company, we can show you how to GROW your business Nationwide, currently in (17) States, QHI has the ability to take your business model to the next level, you sell, we install residential in any of our (17) States - This portion of our business requires training and certification from our friends at RePower / SunRun. 

MAKE an additional $100k per year working part-time from home selling solar alone! 

There is a registration fee associated with this opportunity.


Here at QHI Investments ... You will learn how to find, develop, create specific relationships with people so that you can develop a solution to someones problem.

"Get in, get out and get paid"!
In real estate investing, you make your money when you buy (acquisition) and get paid when you sell (exit).

"Buy low, sell high"
Contrary to what you may have been taught in the past, the most valuable skill set you can sharpen is the art of acquisition.

In our market, there is plenty of opportunities to acquire someones property at a distressed price.  You just need to understand what creates a distressed property situation, then come up with a solution.

QHI Investments ... Will teach you how to become a true problem solver, no matter where or what the problem is; reinforcing a belief and foundation that, "deals are not found, they are created".

Are you ready to work part time to eventually leave your full time job to start making a very nice income?

There are "No" registration fee's associated with this opportunity.

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