We usually use a heater to produce heat in our homes when we feel cold during winter and similarly we turn up the air conditioner if we feel too much heat during summers but have you ever thought that what such conditions can do to our hardwood and laminate floors?

The summer does not only mean to party in a pool, getting a bit of tan under the sun, or to have BBQs in your backyard because in addition to all this excitement summer also brings humidity which in turn can damage your hardwood and laminate flooring. The following are some of the reasons due to which hardwood and laminate floors can be damaged and some advices, which will help you to protect it.

Effect on hardwood flooring

In case the humidity increase to a level of 55 percent then a possibility arises according to which moisture can go into the wood. If a lot of moisture goes into floorboards, then it might make them swollen, and this swelling in floorboards can create a big pressure between floorboards due to which the hardwood flooring can bend or become twisted which in turn misshapes flooring. All of this possibility is valid for both rigid hardwoods and designed hardwoods. Even though designed or engineered hardwoods may seem to be more stable than solid hardwoods still they can be damaged by the moisture. 

Effect on laminate flooring

A mechanical click system which is made up of wood is used to keep laminate flooring intact. In case wood becomes dry then it can lead to failure of the click system. The level of humidity in our homes fluctuates with a change of seasons and this change results in the expansion and contraction of laminate flooring. During the hot season, laminate flooring expands which gives a crowned look to the floor and during winter or cool season flooring shrinks, which makes cracks to be visible in between each plank of wood. Although these seasonal effects are normal for laminate flooring if you do not take proper actions, then it can seriously damage flooring. 

Securing floors

If you want that, your floors remain crack and crown free then you can follow the following guidelines:

•   Start by cleaning a hardwood or laminate floors with a cloth, which is slightly dampened with a recommended cleaning product.

•    You should avoid a cleaning of your floor with water or water-based products regularly. You should use water only when you have to clean soiled areas. 

•     Do not use a wet mop on hardwood flooring because it can damage wood and can affect its finishing.

•   Never let a spill dry on floor instead clean spills immediately because they can also cause serious damage to the floor.

•    Always make sure that humidity levels in your premises remain within 35 percent to 55 percent. You can use a hydrometer to measure humidity. If humidity goes above this range, then you can use an air conditioner or dehumidifier.

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