Laminate floors can be easily cleaned with a mop having the right amount of water level. This article will guide you that how you can clean laminate floors easily so that you can spend the rest of your time in performing other important tasks.

Following two things are required before you get started:

1) Microfiber Mop

It is essential to choose correct mop for this task, and there is no mop better than microfiber mop for doing this job.

2) Solution for cleaning

There are two ways of preparing a cleaning solution; one is that you can buy a manufacturer’s cleaning solution and the second one is that you can make one yourself. 


1) First, use a microfiber mop to clean dust from the floor, or you can use a vacuum to suck all dust and hairs.
2) Next step is that you should damp microfiber pad with hot water and spray cleaning solution.
3) Start mopping a floor.
4) Once microfiber becomes very dirty then you have to rinse it, replace and continue. 
5)  Once you completely clean floor then rinse microfiber pad and place it in a washing machine.

Some ways to start cleaning

There is always more than one way to perform a task similarly; you can choose any one of three ways of cleaning which are mentioned below. 
We know that all of us have our ways of doing things so we should only stick to ways we feel comfortable with. 

Following are three ways to clean your floor before you start mopping with water:

•    Use vacuum on the floor to clean up all dust particles.
•    Or you can use a dry microfiber cloth to remove all dust and hairs. 
•    Or use a dry dusting mop

It is recommended that you should sweep or vacuum towards a direction of the floor (one in which it is placed) to gather all sorts of dust and garbage between grooves.

Adding water

1) First step is that you should use your homemade cleaning solution or branded one in a spray bottle.

2) Dampen microfiber pad with hot water; you can also use tap water and then spray on cleaning solution.

3) Now use a microfiber mop to clean laminate floor, and a great thing about microfiber is that does not require a lot of pushing or scrubbing and does work itself easily (with momentum). 

4) Once microfiber pad becomes dirty after cleaning laminate floors of one or two rooms then rinse pad, reconnect it, and then continue to clean. A good thing about microfiber pad is that once you dampen it with hot water, then it can last for cleaning of one or two rooms. Therefore, you do not need to carry hot water bucket with you all the time.

5) Do not forget to leave pad to dry once you rinse it.

6) Once you use a microfiber pad for a great number of times and it seems discolored, then you should replace it with another and should put it in the washing machine.   

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