Laminate flooring is somewhat of a new mode of flooring which has gained great popularity during the last decade. However, there are not so many people that know why laminate flooring is so popular. 

Flooring Benefits

The reason for this mode to get that much famous is that it is affordable, long lasting, striking, and quite easy to install. The laminate flooring is easy to install because it can be installed directly over a lot of different kinds of surfaces with just a little amount of effort. People who do work of laminate flooring come across the question “can I put laminate flooring over hardwood?” a lot but you will be happy to know that answer to that question is “yes you can”.

Things to Consider for Your New Floor Project

Fixing of laminate flooring over hardwood can be performed with just a little prep. If your lamination has built-in under layer, then you can directly install it over hardwood. However, if the floor does not contain built-in under layer then you can do the following:

•    Start taping your underlayment to hardwood
•    Then begin fixing lamination

The preparation before lamination becomes inevitable if your hardwood floor is in a very bad condition. Lamination requires that your hardwood floor should be balanced so you should level out your floor in case it has some wavy structure. You should polish any floorboard, which is bowed or angled up with sandpaper. All kinds of fasteners should also be removed.  

Laminate floor serves you in many great ways. Suppose you had installed laminate flooring over your hardwood but after some time, you changed your mind and wanted to go back to old hardwood flooring so for that, you have to pull out lamination over hardwood, and you will get your hardwood floor with zero damage. Laminate flooring also helps you to provide an original and stylish look to your old hardwood floor and saves you from extra charges, which are spent on restoring of a hardwood floor. 

To be honest, it is essential to tell your customers that according to research most of the people find their original hardwood floor to be much more attractive than laminate flooring. Original hardwood floor is a lot longer lasting than laminate flooring, but it requires great care, and if it gets minimal damage or damage to a single plank, it can be repaired so there is nothing to worry about that. Moreover, original hardwood floor is more attractive and desirable than laminate flooring as long as you can keep it in good shape with proper care.

Laminate flooring is performed mostly in a kitchenette or bathroom. If customers have any questions regarding remodeling or laminate flooring, then they should call or email remodeling company to sort out all things to get perfect work. Most of the good remodeling companies love to give information to customers even if they do not want to start a project and they also provide free estimates regarding services so that customer can get a good idea.

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