Alumawood shade structure is by far one of best in aluminum patio cover market, as it is made with very high-quality materials. The components are made from constructional aluminum mixes and are finished with a very high-performance coating system, Aluma-Shield with Teflon surface protector that has a limited lifetime guarantees. Every design is considered to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home in addition to natural wood appearance.

Alumawood system

All orders of Alumawood system come with a packing slip from Amerimax Exterior Home Products Incorporation; normally you can get this slip from where you purchased Alumawood shade structure.

Alumawood shade structures are made with decorated aluminum with a textured wood-grain finish. These structures are made with heavy header beams and an Aluma shield that is weather-resistant; it also withstands rain, sun, wind and bad temperatures. Normally they need no maintenance. Unlike wood, they do not burn, crack, peel, warp, or even attract termites. They are made from recycled aluminum. 

They come in two different styles to fit your needs. The Laguna lattice patio is ideal if you want extra shade but prefer little sun and refreshing breezes. However, new Newport solid patio cover provides you and your outdoor furniture with perfect protection against elements. You will be able to enjoy the outdoor space even if the weather is not ideal.

Ways to identify Alumawood shade structure

Alumawood shade structures that were bought after February 2004 will have “AMERIMAX ALUMAWOOD” stamped on it with black ink, once you receive it, you got to look for that ink stamp. Cost of Alumawood is less in the long run as compared to wood, as there is no need to paint, scrape or repair it. Those Amerimax shade structures are structurally engineered and they comply with International building code. Unfortunately, its engineering does not support anything installed or put on top of it, or even hanging from it as ceiling fans.

Alumawood shade structures can be repainted, although repainting is not recommended, as this requires consulting a professional paint store for their repairing advice. They have a coat with silicone polyester and have a strong finish. You have to make sure that repainting Alumawood shade structure will void your warranty.

Quality Home Improvement, Inc commits to bringing products with the highest quality and value, but they have limited warranty, as it does not warrant damages due to harsh weather conditions. However, the warranty applies only to manufacturing defects in products, if ever exist. You can still purchase any replacement parts if needed; you just need to contact a dealer who installed your patio.

Alumawood shade structures are easy to maintain, natural rainfall can keep its clean appearance, however, an occasional washing with clear water can be done from time to time. Cleaning is done depending on how complicated dirt is. Those well-known shade structures are very common in the market, and you can easily identify original brand stuff.

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