The Inland Empire Museum of Art in Upland, CA is a museum for people with mutual interests who want to get involved such as art enthusiasts, professionals, students, teachers, and community members. The museum provides an opportunity to people to learn more.

The goal of the museum is to help contribute to the growth, appreciation, understanding, and study of art via publications, exhibits, and education in the Inland Empire.

The mission of the Inland Empire Museum of Art is to be the main global body for creating opportunities in the field of arts for the residents of the Inland Empire and other places. The museum provides an outlet for art with exhibits and strong programs. IEMA also offers many educational outreach programs and studio art classes to the schools in the community. IEMA believes that art is a vital component of education and not just an extracurricular activity. Students who receive exposure to arts also do well on standardized tests.

IEMA is registered as a nonprofit organization and it is determined to meet these goals. Artistic expressions cross cultural boundaries and help boost connections between communities. IMEA wants to make a lasting impression in the region by fostering connections within the community and addressing the need for educational support and cultural enhancement.

IMEA also wants to develop public and private partnerships. The museum acts as a host. Art museums play an indispensable role in the society by improving the quality of life in the community. IMEA wants to become an arts destination which is free for the public to access.

The primary propose of IMEA is to help people use, understand, and enjoy visual arts. IMEA helps people connect in a way that it will help improve their understanding of art and creativity.

Inland Empire Museum of Art is located at 1334 N Benson Ave unit d, Upland, CA 91786

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Photo via  I nland Empire Museum of Art  Facebook page

Photo via Inland Empire Museum of Art Facebook page