The kitchen remodeling process can turn into catastrophe, if the whole process is not carefully planned. If your work is similar to those ideas that came up into your mind, then your eyes will be delightful with a work done, performed by your own forces. You can all the work by yourself or call professionals to do all necessary work for you. These are six steps to remodel your kitchen.

1. Action Plan

At the very beginning, you need to decide on project, with desired result. In addition, at the same time, plan an action. Therefore, the process will go more smoothly and without significant overlaps (temporary, financial, emotional and others). If you skip this stage, then there is a chance to face many problems.

2. Electric wiring

It is recommended to perform such work yourself, unless you are professional electrician. If you hire a competent specialist, you can save both time and money, and get quality electrical wiring, sockets and lighting.

All that is required is to decide where rosettes will be and in what quantity. For this, it is worthwhile to consider where your home appliances will be located. It is very important to do this first, since it will be very difficult to add sockets later. In addition, it threatens to spoil the remodeling process.

3. Sewerage and plumbing

Work with sewerage is no less important than electrical wiring. It is very important to follow certain sequence of actions:

- Draw a layout plan for sewer pipes;

- Define where to put washing machine and toilet bowl;

- Make sure that old sewer system is reliable and clean, if necessary;

- Calculate a pipe diameter for the new system, and number of connecting elements. Purchasing parts and pipes must be on list, in order not to forget anything;

- System is laid out on floor and connected;

- At the next stage, the old system is dismantled and replaced by a new one;

- You just have to connect a sink;

- All joints should be checked for leaks, and if necessary re-sealed.

4. Ceiling

Ceiling is usually simply painted or modern stretch ceiling is installed. There are other options, for example, a multi-level ceiling from gypsum board, and others. In any case, it is repaired first, and then go to walls.

5. Walls

Before repair works of walls, it is necessary to define desired design of a kitchen. If at initial stage a design plan was made, situation is simplified. If you missed a plan, then it is worth thinking about it thoroughly.

Kitchen walls can be faced with these things:

- Wallpaper (paper, non-woven, vinyl, for painting);

- Bamboo covering;

- Fiberglass;

- Decorative stone;

- Tiles;

- Artistic plaster;

- Paints (waterproof);

- Wall panels.

6. Floor

Work with floor can be divided into three stages:

- Acquisition of new floor covering;

- Preparation of basis for further work;

- Installation work with new coating.

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