The worktop is an indispensable part of kitchen furniture. This element experiences significant loads - is intended for cutting food, used as a stand for hot and cold dishes, often its coating is subjected to mechanical influences.

Eco-friendly material is an important criterion, which should be taken into account when choosing design. The strength of coating is also important. Manufacturers today offer products from chipboard and MDF, natural and artificial stone, metal and other materials. Natural stone is an expensive option, and an alternative to it is an artificial analogue, which has ecological safety, high strength and beautiful design.

Obligatory requirements

Regardless of material, shape and design chosen, one countertop must:

-          Be waterproof.

-          Be resistant to hot water, oils, dyes, household chemicals.

-          Be able to withstand mechanical influences - scratches, bumps, scrapes, accidental damage.

-          Be hygienic with smooth surface, do not attract particles of food, fat and dust.

-          Be able to maintain the same color one high temperature and mechanical influences.


Catalogs of countertops offer products from different materials:

Wood - countertops from wood look simple and natural, so it is easy to fit into almost any interior. The veneers of a natural tree are unique and warm and soft surface will bring a lot of comfort. If you support all natural and eco-friendly materials, then it is better to buy such countertop.

Artificial stone - agglomerate or acrylic is used for production. The agglomerate is made from natural crumb, glued with a special resin. Acrylic is lighter and cheaper, with less strength. This stone can help you to recreate various forms of countertops; products are characterized by water resistance and ease of care.

Glass - an eco-friendly and beautiful material, which only at first glance may seem fragile. The smooth surface of will prevent accumulation of dust, grease and food residues, which is favorable environment for development of bacteria.

Ceramic tiles and mosaics - combines beauty and strength, but an obvious disadvantage is complexity of installation. Tiles are difficult to wash. Over time, dust and dirt will gather in them.


- The angular version is cute, comfortable and original. Corner countertops - the best option for small kitchens, and you can buy a similar product inexpensively.

- For kitchens of a large area, a countertop, complemented by a bar counter, is suitable - this option is aesthetically pleasing, complements and emphasizes elegance and practicality of room interior.

Is it possible to buy high quality kitchen countertops cheaply?

If you are wondering, is it possible, you should know that not all materials are expensive. If you want to buy a countertop, the price of which will suit you unconditionally, pay attention to those countertops made, for example, from laminated chipboard. They have high strength and durability, their texture and color performance are very diverse, they are easy to install independently without additional investment of money for installation - these are few obvious advantages in favor of buying quality materials for affordable price.

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