You are Not Alone ...

According to the Center for Responsible Lending, California and the United States as a whole are in the midst of the worst foreclosure crisis since the great depression. It is estimated that in California, 1 in 8 homes is in foreclosure. Look at your neighborhood and realize that you may not be alone in this situation.

QHI INVESTMENTS - (A Division of QHIINC), is here to help you.

We have been helping families navigate the foreclosure distress.

A Foreclosure can consist of ...

* Job loss - * Death in the family - * Various Addictions - * Medical Bills
* Credit card debt - * Divorce - * Absentee owners - * Rental Vacancy
* Problem tenants - * Mortgage interest / Payment adjusting

Your solution is just a phone call away! ...

QHI INVESTMENTS  - Our specialized group have helped 100's on homeowners like yourself whom are going through the same situation as you are now.  Instead of letting the bank take your property, QHI wants to show you other options, in some cases you can keep your home!

QHI INVESTMENTS also specializes in - Probate, Short Sale, Equity Splits, Lease Options, Seller Carry Back, Subject-to and of course Foreclosures.  

NOTICE OF DEFAULT IS NO LAUGHING MATTER - You are in danger of losing your home within the next (21) days, QHI INVESTMENTS will stop this process. 

TAKE ACTION NOW - Fill out this form below so a QHI Default Specialist can offer you a solution to your problem.  Once we receive your information, we will call you back the same business day as we know that your time is limited. 

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