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The idea for the Energy Hour resulted from our collective decades of experience, and the degree of confusion we continually find within our residential and commercial clients. While consumers are getting more savvy, we find far too many without the understanding necessary to not only make good decisions, but also protect themselves against unscrupulous sales people.

That’s where we come in. After all, we are consumers also. And see ourselves as consumer advocates. We love renewable energy, and with to promote it, grow it, and protect it. Green energy is the future, and we cannot progress the technology by moving backwards, supporting coal and other technologies of yesterday.

America must lead this energy revolution, not stand by and watch it pass US by. We should not only be part of the Paris Accord, but we should be leading it, not giving up out seat to China and other countries happy to take our rightful spot and leadership.

We must be wary of ineffective tariffs we will prove throughout this series actually have the opposite effect as intended, hurting American companies, American jobs, having future US Power Plants powered by foreign product. We must task our public servants, from the White House down to local government, to leave the coal lobbyist behind, and do what’s right for our environment. The good news, actually great news, is we will produce more job growth within this industry than likely any other. So for those simply greedy, they can save the planet and get rich at the same time.

Since 1993, Quality Home Improvement, Inc. has been helping home owners own their power. Save money, and lock in predictable energy costs. NEXT Energy, a QHI Company, is our Commercial Division helping businesses and commercial property owners. One of our hosts is also a Partner/VP of The MOSA GROUP, with current projects ranging from architecture, engineering, and the design of a utility scale Power Plant planned to produce 200+ Megawatts.

Our aim with The Energy Hour is to provide vital information and educate to the public so individuals and entities can understand their energy consumption, billing costs today and future, as well as the options available to make informed decisions. We will address everything from understanding your bill, the difference between consumption and demand charges, time-of-use (TOU), along with the new SCE shift in time increasing the bills of most households, critical-peak-pricing (CPP) set to add yet another penalty for commercial accounts, to the incentives geared to assist you reclaim your power, and lock in your savings.

For most in the past, going green was a luxury, even unaffordable. Today, for most, going green is no longer an option. It represents the only affordable path forward.

That all said, we hope these episodes will be packed full of valuable information, and entertaining at the same time. As insiders in this industry, we spill the beans, blow the whistle, and reveal to our listeners everything you need to know. We dispel the myths. We focus on what you should focus on. In solar, you’ll hear many numbers. Learn which one’s matter most, which one’s matter least, which one’s can be used to unfortunately mislead. You’ll be a greater pro than the so-called pro stepping through your door.

As a full service contractor specializing in solar and energy efficiency, we’re happy to work with you on your projects. We’re also happy to just know wherever you contract, you have the necessary information to get the right system design and ethical contractor.

So let’s begin… And please feel free to contact us with questions and topics you’d like us to cover in the future.

We hope you enjoy the show …

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Christopher Moss - An Energy Mitigation Expert since 1993

Christopher started by helping residential customers that needed to be "off the grid" (Customers without a utility provider).

* Police Science Major - AA In Police Science.
* Retired Police Officer with The City of San Gabriel.
* SCE - With over (100) certificates from efficiency to control systems. 
* SUNPOWER - With over (95) certificates, SPVT, VOC to HELIX.
* SHARP - Professional Certified Installer.
* HERO / YGRENE / RENEW / ELN / E3 / SAMAS - Certified.
* California CSLB "B" General Building Contractor.

Christopher enjoys his family, friends, flying power kites, scuba diving and business affiliations, he has a very creative person, super positive outlook on life and the zeal to make it a better place, he won't stop until the job is complete.

Christopher’s Favorite Quote …

"No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else"
~ P.T. Barnum



Rob began his career as a Director/Partner of Mosakowski Lindsey Associates, Inc., 

an Architectural firm located in Pasadena, California. For over twenty-two years, his firm developed, designed and managed the construction of several commercial and governmental projects, including three Los Angeles County Superior Courthouses. MLA also maintained a contract as LADWP’s campus architect. His firm merged with HMC Architects, Ontario, California, where he became the firms Creative Director.

During his tenure, LEED Architecture and Design inspired his interest in renewable energy. Rob, along with his creative studio, co-created the firm's renewable energy studio branded ArchLab, where the messaging “Sometimes the biggest impact, is making no impact”, became a guiding design principle. Rob then worked with solar technology leaders like Tesla, becoming a top-performer with the global manufacturer SunPower. 

Today, Robert is a Commercial Solar Consultant with QHI / Next Energy, where he designs for both the residential and commercial market space. Rob is also an Owner/Partner of The MOSA GROUP, a developer of architectural and renewable energy projects. Current projects include various commercial and government projects, architecture and solar, and a utility scale, multi-megawatt Solar Power Plant.

The idea for the Energy Hour resulted from his decades of experience, and the degree of confusion he continually found with residential and business owners. Our aim is to provide critical information to educate the public so individuals can understand their energy options and make informed decisions.



Curtis served his country in 1981-1987 in the US Army 101st Airborne Division, he then got into the telemarketing business and became a one-of-a-kind marketing master dealing with customers over the phone and online.

He got into the Financial industry in 1988-2011 and became a very sought-after financial guru helping many financial partners achieve success.

Curtis then ventured out into the spiritual community serving his fellow man in the gospel, feeding the homeless and other areas dedicating some serious time to this. a few months ago, Curtis started spreading the work over a conference call system to people across this Nation, whatever Curtis does, he does it with compassion, kindness and love.

Curtis joined our team just under a year ago and has been an integral part of our business using his talents to generate customers for QHIINC.

Curtis’s Favorite Quote …

”Once a man’s mind stretch to a new dimension, it cannot contract back to its original size.



Sergio has been in the credit / finance business for over (7) years working with merchants throughout California.

Sergio is also active in HIS license with the State Contractors License Board as a HIS sales professional and is certified by Southern California Edison.

Sergio joined our team almost (4) years ago and has learned many things in the residential, commercial improvement business. Sergio is certified by all of the PACE programs and most of the unsecured financing programs.

Sergio is well versed in commercial solar industry, loves putting all of the dots together, he is resilient, knows how to get the job done and is full of positive energy.

In addition he is one of the voices here at (TEO) and with his wisdom and experience, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be a serious impact on this show!

Sergio’s favorite quote from a fortune cookie that he has been carrying around in his pocket for the last (8) years …

”If You Dream It - It Will Happen”

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EPISODE #9 - 5/21/2019

"SCE just got into the fuel business and YOU are paying for it”

As electric vehicles get more popular because of high gas prices and the need to improve our air quality is also important, Southern California Edison is about to spend 356 MILLION DOLLARS to install electric vehicle charging stations all over their territory and guess who is going to pay for it? … YOU!

How do you feel about that? … Why should “WE” pay for it?

This is a great show!



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Tired of poor results from other marketing opportunities that did not have your best interest at hand?

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