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In this segment of our PodCast, there are many amazing things to talk about so we want everyone to know about it, it could be new environmental leaps towards renewable energy legislation to inventions that will help take mankind to the next level. It could also be about the not so amazing part of life where businesses or people are being threatened by a mixture of just right out “Dumb Legislation” to the point of one business scamming another business out of their hard earned money. Either way, we will expose the Good and the Bad here on this web page, so visit it as often as you can for new updates.

REMEMBER … If you have something of importance to tell the world about specific to our environment, concerns, what’s happening, what’s not happening, we would love to hear from you.

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See how Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg set out and accomplished something that still seems impossible today: the First Round-The-World Solar Flight, powered only by the sun, with no fuel or polluting emissions.

In line with the Piccard Family tradition of scientific exploration and protection of the environment, Solar Impulse wanted to demonstrate that clean technologies can achieve impossible goals.

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This amazing journey of the Solar Impulse team can also be seen on Netflix known as “The Impossible Flight”.



In the biggest blow he’s dealt to the renewable energy industry yet, President Donald Trump decided on Monday to slap tariffs on imported solar panels.

The U.S. will impose duties of as much as 30 percent on solar equipment made abroad, a move that threatens to handicap a $28 billion industry that relies on parts made abroad for 80 percent of its supply. Just the mere threat of tariffs has shaken solar developers in recent months, with some hoarding panels and others stalling projects in anticipation of higher costs. The Solar Energy Industries Association has projected tens of thousands of job losses in a sector that employed 260,000.

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