Bedrooms are the most intimate rooms in the house. It’s where you hit the sack after a long day, where you spend your “me” time, where you cry your heart out or jump for joy during your highs and lows. It’s where you are yourself, without pretensions. It’s where you feel comfortable without any worries of being under scrutiny.

 A bedroom is simply your – safe haven.

Sure enough, it’s also the less frequently visited room in the house. So why bother decorating? Well, for one, since you spend most of your time in your bedroom, might as well make it functional and aesthetically pleasing.

And one way to revamp your bedroom to give it that oomph is by choosing the perfect bedroom rug.

But hold your horses, before you buy a bedroom rug on impulse. It’s important to consider these top seven ways to be sure the rugs are a perfect fit for your bedroom and – you.

 1.  Pick a Rug with the Right Size

First off, before you make a beeline for the rug section in Home Depot; visualize your room. Or better yet, plan every detail and measure the pieces of furniture that are going to be sitting on your rugs.

For smaller areas with lesser furniture, a larger rug under the bed works. If you want to cover the entire area of the room with one rug, you may do so by subtracting a meter from the edges of the room.

For larger areas with more furniture, smaller rugs underneath each piece give the room more sections. However, never pick a rug that’s too small as it makes the whole ensemble look disproportionate.

 2.  Stick to Similar Hues

You have to be smart with colors but don’t go crazy over picking the rugs with matching colors. Not only does this take time but it’ll make your space look more monotonous and lifeless. Unless that’s the vibe you want to exude.

Don’t worry about your rugs not matching your wall color EXACTLY. You can stick to a similar hue or a color that compliments it. A rule of thumb is darker colors make the room seem smaller and lighter colors make the room seem bigger.

 3.  Choose the Right Rug Material for Your Lifestyle

There’s nothing more elegant than silk but apart from the fact that it's expensive, it also isn’t durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic in a bedroom – how much more a pet!

Choose the right material for your lifestyle. If you’re looking for durable rugs, go for polypropylene and wool. They’re sturdy and requires less maintenance. Other materials are viscose, cotton, jute, acrylic, or sisal.

 4.  Mix in Different Rug Shapes

There’s no golden rule about rug shapes. You don’t have to stick to an all-circular, all-rectangular, all-triangular, or all-hexagonal rugs-in-bedroom rule (although the last one might be a little interesting to see).

Mix and match rug shapes in your bedroom. Just make sure everything is harmonious with all the other facets in the bedroom.

5.  Patterns are Everything!

This, for me, is the fun part. Matching patterns are cool and all but they’re also very mundane. Fashion, nowadays, have come to a point where flamboyance is considered the name of the game.

Mix small and big patterns. Go for animal prints or nature prints, anything that’ll stand out. Choose stripes for a chicer, minimalist look. The pattern choices are endless! Just play with your imagination but make sure you integrate your personality into it.

However, don’t go too crazy especially if you already have a printed wallpaper. This only works if your wall has a solid color.

6.  Choose a Rug that Doesn’t Slip

A bedroom rug brings many benefits. It cushions noises you get from floors like creaking sounds. Rugs also avoid clattering noises if you’re one of those lousy people who always drop things. Also, it provides warmth to the room (we all know the bedroom is the coldest room in the house).

Nevertheless, safety should still be a top priority. Choose a rug that’s slip-resistant. One way to ensure that your rugs don’t slip, especially on solid-surface flooring, is to place a rug pad underneath.

7.  Coordination is the Key to Rug-Picking

It’s always a good idea to have a master plan right at the beginning. Getting all the sizes of the accessories, door, room area, furniture can make for a seamless buying. Also, when you’re shopping for rugs, of course, you won’t be able to take the room with you to see if the pieces match. What you can do though is take pictures on your phone and browse through it while shopping.

It can be quite an eyesore if there’s something out of place in your bedroom. Be smart about your choices and think about functionality above everything else. But it doesn’t hurt to weave your personality into your bedroom rug design. After all, it’s going to be you who’s taking full advantage of your bedroom.

Author Bio: Annah Brooks a blogger by passion, loves to write about home renovation and remodelling. She is currently working for, which offers an array of finest quality handcrafted wall beds and innovative space-saving products.

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