The worktop for bathroom is a completely new fashion trend, dictated by the convenience and functionality. In general, a countertop with an embedded washbasin and, perhaps even equipped with shelves or drawers, is able to replace both washbasin and a hanging cupboard with shelves. We understand its varieties and functionality, thereby giving you an opportunity to make the right choice in favor of this or that countertop.

The most used materials for making countertops in the bathroom include glass, natural and artificial stone. Less-used materials but still in demand are wood, marble, MDF, glass or ceramic mosaic.

Natural stone

The worktop made of natural stone for a bathroom is the only one that can boast of its remarkable strength and resistance to all kinds of damage. In most cases, they are made of polished marble, which can give both glossy properties and matt. There is no sense to enumerate all merits of marble countertops for the bathroom, as there are a lot of them, but have only two disadvantages - it's a lot of weight and high cost.

Artificial stone

The countertop made of artificial stone is not inferior to its natural counterpart. Such countertops are made of marble, granite and other crumbs, joined together by acrylic. Sometimes they are called acrylic bathroom countertops. These products have almost all the advantages of natural stone, plus, they add more affordable price. Of disadvantages, a large weight and less resistance to damage and to scratching can be identified. By the way, small scratches on a surface are simply eliminated by polishing - all you need is a special drill bit and polishing paste.


The glass countertop is the most common product of this type, which has earned its popularity due to its affordable price and some of its features. For example, those are: fairly simple methods of decoration that do not require special technologies (in most cases its lower part is simply pasted with toning films with or without a pattern), strength, resistance to damage, exceptional moisture resistance and ability to give a countertop even an incredible shape.


Countertops made of MDF - products made of this material can cause people a healthy skepticism. A fact is that small pressed wood chips do not differ in their moisture resistance. Yes, MDF can be adapted to use in wet rooms - this material is covered with a protective laminated layer.


If we are to choose an alternative to the MDF countertop, then this should be one made of tree - unlike it, the natural fellow has much more resistance to moisture. Even if you accidentally damage its protective coating, wood will not quickly rot and swell.


The mosaic countertop is a great option for people who like to make everything with their own hands. With this material, which is made, usually from either glass or ceramic, you can be sure in long service of countertops Moreover, using your imagination, you can make a product of almost any shape, spending a minimum amount of money on this business.

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